Why Pranidhi Solutions

We offer recruitment solutions for our clients’ distinctive talent needs. Based on the spectrum of the client engagement of our consulting staff, our service offering is broadly organised along the following segments.

Search Options

  • Retained Placement
  • Contingent Recruitment
  • Project Recruitment

Retained Placement

As your retained firm, we work exclusively on your behalf. Clients engage us when positions are of top priority, unique in nature and critical to the organisation. The confidentiality of both our clients and candidates is paramount. Emphasizing quality over speed and an attention to detail, our focused sourcing approach leads to identifying and hiring the best talent for your organisation.

Contingent Recruiting

Our contingent recruiting option is most effective when the candidate requirements are not as unique but attracting the right talent is still important. Our team collectively works against the profile and skill sets put forth by our clients. Clients engage our team in contingent recruiting when speed is of essence.

Project Recruitment

Our clients seek this option when entering a new market or have multiple openings for a similar role. Organisations here seek a recruitment model to act as an extension of their existing infrastructure. Examples include new product launches, mergers and acquisitions, niche expertise or regional expansion . The recruitment approach is typically time-bound, volume-bound, or both

The key drivers that drive talent acquisition in good times and bad times, in tight labour markets or soft ones, largely remains unchanged. Businesses always need highly-skilled talent, and in order to grow they need to attract and deploy that talent in focused ways.

The traditional “just-in-case candidate fill” approach does not contribute to sustainable business success. The effective method is to align work force planning initiatives to corporate objectives in a word to startegise. The real importance of talent acquisition, and the door opener for talent management at the proverbial seat at the boardroom table, is the recognition that a business cannot reach the right talent without making a conscious strategic effort to do so.

  • Talent Acquisition Strategy Development & Implementation
  • SMART sourcing – Creating a Sourcing Strategy aimed at improving our clients’ Talent Acquisition Process
  • Talent Pool Mapping Exercise
  • Measuring & Improving Talent strategies
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Talent Acquisition Planning & Strategy Framework

  • Business Planning
  • Workforce Planning
  • HR & TM Diversity
  • Workforce Segments
  • Job Analysis
  • Competency Models
  • Grades & Salaries

Employer Branding

  • Corporate Image
  • EVP
  • Values
  • Recruiter Branding
  • Marketing